Set of 4 Large – Wearable 3 in 1 Candle I Solid Perfume I Body Butter

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Made using a luxurious 100% natural vegan wax blend, our 3 in 1 candles are a solid perfume and moisturizing body butter. Each candle is crafted using non-toxic, paraben free, phthalate free and paraffin free ingredients.

Set Includes 4 Candles:

CHARITY- Notes of citrus, strawberry and vanilla create this delicious sugary scent.

FORGIVENESS- Smells like freshly cleaned linen with notes of lilac, jasmine and amber.

MERCY- Captivating scent inspired by the blossoming trees with notes of balsam, cedarwood and musk.

PATIENCE- A warm blend of spicy musk and sweet vanilla.

Set of 4 candles includes 4 free pure wood tasbihs made from olive trees. It is a gift from us to you at no extra cost during Ramadan. *Colours may vary from dark to light wood.

Burn time is 45+ hours per candle.

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